Fall Newsletter

Gay Johnson-King Co., Jamie Vos-Security Solutions, Chris Russell-Security Solutions, Randy Knighton-Knight, Roger White-Knight, Mark Hoyt-Noveon/Blazemaster, Ashton Wolfe-Wolfe, Herb Schairbaum-Bates TC Fire Protection Student, Ron Greenman-Bates Technical College

As you can see the turn-out for our Fall 2006 meeting was less than stellar and more than not became mostly a convivial night of old friends enjoying a fine meal and good conversation. Hence this newsletter will be brief.

There was some discussion about Union tactics and how to deal with them but the members present wanted to keep this information confidential and so voted to not have the minutes from that line of discussion published.

All discussion after this was casual. We talked about fire-stopping Blazemaster CPVC and how difficult it was to keep up with what was compatible and what was not. Mark gave us a few tips on how to keep up with listings for new products.

Someone, my apologies for not taking a proper note, informed the group that there was a bill pending in Congress that would require retrofitting sprinklers in all nursing homes getting federal funds.

Mark also brought up the fact that the Residential Fire Sprinkler Institute had a model ordinance and other aids for helping jurisdictions trying to pass a residential ordinance. Gay talked about the upcoming public meetings regarding the pending Woodinville ordinance as well as other jurisdictions she knew of that were considering like ordinances.

We talked a bit about WIRSBO sprinkler systems. As usual there was a mixed bag of opinions although glaring omission was that nobody thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Finally Joe Faulkner had told me that entire FDCs were being stolen all over Gig Harbor. He was wondering if this was occurring elsewhere. Once again Gay with her finger on the pulse of fire districts all over the area reported that this was not restricted to Gig Harbor. As we all know removing an FDC is not a casual activity and requires some pretty big, expensive tools so that such thievery has to be pretty well organized. I guess the price of non-ferrous scrap is way, way up.

Happy Holidays