Spring Newsletter

The discussion started about the installers licensing bill and the requirements for 8000 hours of experience for installers working to NFPA 13 and 4000 hours for installers on 13R jobs. According to attorney Judd Lees interpretation of the bill he thinks that installers that currently have enough hours in their respective areas will issued a temporary certificate and that if they apply for a permanent one within 90 days after the first year no written test will be required.

Bill has submitted an application for a matching grant to AFSA to help cover legal fees associated with getting the installers licensing bill administered in a way that works for us.

The next item was a revisiting of the chapter dues. The group once again agreed that this is a good idea for us. Many have already paid and I intend to be sending out a second billing in the next few days. I have been swamped and am a little behind.

There was a review of AFSA Chapter requirements and all we lack at the moment is a mission statement.

The good news on the insurance front is that costs are dropping. In fact Travelers is actively courting companies with over twenty employees, been in business at least three years and have demonstrated a low loss rate.

Pex systems were discussed and the general consensus is that there will be more of these in the future.

Permit fees are very high in Bellingham, King County, Seattle and Issaquah so check if bidding in any city or county you haven’t worked in.

Randy Siegmund with Kennedy Valves showed their new valve which is one third lighter and can be fixed in the field by removing the stem and not the whole valve body and tamper switch. As an aside Randy will soon be, or maybe has by now, retired. Thanks for all you’ve done for the industry and congratulations.

Barry with Ferguson reported 10% to 12% increases in May for pipe and expects up to 25% to 30% in June and again in August. Make sure you have a increase clause in your contract or at least buy pipe as soon as you get the job.

Business in the Northwest still is strong but….

Our next meeting is scheduled for August 12 and our guest will be Steve Muncy, President of AFSA. See you there.

And finally, thanks to Bill McKay for taking notes. This meeting fell on my wife’s birthday and I couldn’t convince her that a great meal at 13 Coins was a good idea.

Members present:

Bill Mckay Advanced Fire
Herb Canon Knight Fire
Randy Knighton Knight Fire
Roger White Knight Fire
Randy Siegmund Kennedy Valve
Chuck Paradis Sprinx
Kevin Kane Viking Supply Net
John Abel Crown Fire
Jim Kramp Crown Fire
Shelly Brown Ferguson Fire & Fab
Barry Felkner Ferguson Fire & Fab
Scott Haynes Bates Technical College