Winter 2009 Newsletter

Members Present:

Ken Sirac Victaulic
Steve Hobart Simplex/Grinnell
Roger White Knight Fire
Randy Knighton Knight Fire
Bill McKay Advanced Fire
Michael Fitz MDE
Dave Suchy Wolfe Fire
Ashton Wolfe Wolfe Fire
Kevin Kane Viking Supplynet
Joe Faulkner Sprinx
Mark Hoyt Lubrizol
Ron Greenman Bates Technical College

The meeting started at 6:30 PM as scheduled.

Bill went over the minutes from last meeting. Bill and Ashton then discussed the ongoing Jurisdiction Database. This will be a centralized location where our members can go to get the latest info about jurisdictions in our area. The idea will be similar to Wikipedia where members can upgrade info like permit fee increases, new local ordinances, etc. as they are encountered. By doing this we can help each other avoid surprises.

Bill then reported that the State Fire Marshal was starting to mail out the new installer/trainee cards. He then introduced our new officers, Randy Knighton, Chair, Ashton Wolfe, Vice Chair, and Kevin Kane, Secretary/Teasurer and turned the meeting over to Randy. Following a round of applause for Bill Randy took the chair.

A report on the recent Fire Marshal’s Forum was given. Topics at the Forum included licensing, pumps underground and residential issues.

The installer/trainee issue came up again and everyone was reminded to get the applications for their people into the State Fire Marshal’s office before the end of March.

The “Employee Free Choice Act” was the next topic and the consensus was that everyone needed to get educated on this issue. Information can be found of the AFSA website.

Another consensus topic was that in these recessionary times it was more important than ever to keep up with collections. Cash flow is what keeps the wheels of your company turning. Bill also brought up that as painful as it might be to lay employees off if it’s necessary to keep your company healthy than it will be better to do so.

The members present then voted to support the Washington Residential Fire Sprinkler Coalition with a donation of $1250.00 augmented by an application for a matching grant from the AFSA National organization. (The grant was approved and the money is in our possession.) The Coalition’s goal is to monitor and stop any attempts by the NAHB/BIA to excise the new residential sprinkler requirements from the 2009 IRC when it’s adopted by the State. The money supplied by us and the local NFSA chapter will be used to defray any expenses incurred in this effort.

There was a reminder that it’s important to get information regarding chemical compatibility with plastic pipe to owners and GCs. Forewarning them that some construction chemicals can damage plastic pipe will hopefully forestall later problems and lower your liability if plastic does come in contact with incompatible products.

The meeting was then adjourned.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 12th.