Spring 2010 Newsletter

Members present:

Bryce Benham Security Solutions

Chris Russell Security Solutions

Jeff Harrison Globe Sprinkler

Kevin Kane Viking SupplyNet

Chris Lindstrom Tegris Industries

Scott Siderman Tegris Industries

Robert Lacy Rating Bureau

Jose Butriago Rating Bureau

Ashton Wolfe Wolfe Fire & Plumbing

Randy Knighton Knight Fire

Bill McKay Advanced Fire

Jim Stewart Advanced Fire

Mike Balsey Advanced Fire

Chuck Bamford Bamford, Inc.

Shelly Brown Ferguson

John Klein Ferguson

Mark Mannex FM Global

Ron Greenman Bates Technical College

We started a little late because the turn-out was large. This is the second meeting in a row that we’ve occupied both sides of curtain partitioned meeting room at 13 Coins. And this in bad times. Shows that the attending members recognize the value of their membership and networking opportunities it provides. More than once over the years and broom more than one party I’ve heard that exchanging ideas  has been a bigger boon to healthy competition and increased success than any amount of fearful secrecy.

Randy and Bill related a couple of disturbing stories, one involving a death, were related about how some employees were dealing with hard times, stress over what the future might bring, and temporary layoffs. Their advice was to be especially observant and sensitive to employee behaviors and comments. Also, to have a plan as to what you would do to help distraught employees get over emotional hardship. One of the strengths of merit shops is the family aspect of the work environment. Don’t forget that this applies to those employees you’ve had to let go despite your efforts to keep them employed, and perhaps even more to them. Randy and I will be attending the AFSA Leadership Conference in late May and certainly will be bringing this issue up.

All the contractors present agreed that one of the most important things you can do is have your liens in place. Not needing to execute a lien is what we all want but if you haven’t made your initial filings you may find yourself unable to execute a lien when you most need to. There was also a suggestion that you use the big guns of your materials suppliers to help when you run into that GC that’s reluctant to pay his bill.

The folks from Tegris gave a presentation on a new way of doing inspection paperwork and inspection reporting. Considering they have only been at the marketing phase of their new idea since the beginning of the year they have a pretty impressive list of interested and sold parties. If you’re the curious sort like me and think you might like to learn a little more you can get in touch with Scott Siderman at <scott.siderman@tegrisinc.com>.

Finally Mark Mannex from FM Global gave us a presentation about FM Global’s new approach to storage protection. There’s a few pages of text and two tables and all storage is covered. They’re also in the process of re-visiting their general sprinkle requirements with an intention of simplification. Too bad if you missed this but you can get the information, although not presented with the same showmanship Mark displayed, at the FM Global website. If you’re still unaware note that all FM Global data sheets are now available to anyone at the website. You need to register to get access but as Mark pointed out, it’s so you can be notified when changes occur, FM won’t be bugging you trying to get you to insure your house or car with them. On that little joke the meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be at the 13 Coins in SeaTac, on Tuesday, 10 August 2010, at 6:30 PM. Steve Muncy, President of AFSA, will be pour guest.