Winter 2011 Newsletter

Members present:


Bill McKay Advanced Fire

Chuck Bamford Bamford & Assoc.

Randy Knighton Knight Fire

Mark Hoyt Lubrizol

Kevin Kane Viking SupplyNet

Steve Ike Talco Pump

John Klein Ferguson

Shelly Brown Ferguson

Tracy Kapusciarz Ferguson

Chuck Paradis Sprinx

Ashton Wolfe Wolfe Fire

Ken Sirak Victaulic

Dan Radloff Red Hawk Fire

Bill Cunnigham Plumbco

Jamie Vos Security Solutions

Bryce Beham Security Solutions

Ron Greenman Bates Technical College


Randy was caught in traffic so Ashton opened the meeting with self-introductions.


Bill McKay commented that he’s run into an interpretation where all workers, including fabricators, on State jobs are supposed to be paid prevailing wage. There was an extended discussion about prevailing wage. Bill is still pursuing the issue with the state where money from prevailing wage public jobs is being used as target money to subsidize private work.


Steel prices are going up again. 48% seems to be the likely amount.


Kevin showed everyone a sample of Viking Supplynet’s new line of grooved products. They come with pre-lubed gaskets listed for both wet and dry and are rated for 250 psi applications.


At some point Randy arrived and took over as chair. His first comments were about the still dismal state of the economy and the construction outlook. Bill mentioned he has seen a slight uptake in multi-family as had Ashton although he commented e’s seeing it more on the plumbing side of his business than the fire. Bill said the stuff he’s seeing is high-rise with studio units.


Ashton said the he was aware of 3000 planned HUD units in Seattle.


The discussion then turned to interest rates and the difficulty of getting money at any price.


Randy talked about Weyerhauser I-Joists and their particular and restricted requirements regarding sprinklers. He warned everyone to go to the Weyerhauser website and look at the Sprinkler Installers’ Guide to I-Joists. I did and I’ll verify that you need to be careful about what you do.


The meeting then turned into a collection of war stories until dinner was served.


The rat was all social time. So until next time:


6:30 PM on May 10 at the 13 Coins in SeaTac–


Over and out!