April Chapter Meeting Recap

Thank you everyone for another great meeting last night! We voted on our new Board of Directors for our chapter last night and I would like to congratulate Tracy Moore as our new Chair, Myself as our new Vice Chair, and Chris Russell as our new Secretary / Treasurer. Thank you to our previous Board of Directors, Randy Knight as Chair, Ashton Wolfe as Vice Chair and Tracy Moore as Secretary / Treasurer, for all that hard work they’ve put in the previous years.
We discussed many opportunities and directions that we would like to take the chapter towards, such as varying our meeting strategy (location, speakers, accessibility), establishing our own Chapter hosted Apprenticeship program for Washington State, continuing our relationship and efforts with the WA State Fire Sprinkler Coalition to progress towards a Fire Sprinkler Mandate in the next 3 code cycles, and the possibility of putting on a Pacific Northwest Industry Tradeshow in the next year or two as well as what roles our Next Gen can play to help in on these efforts.

If you have any desire to join in and help, we welcome you! We will be sending out an email soon looking for members of our task-focused committees that we feel are necessary to accomplish these goals. Together we can accomplish anything!

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