What a Magical Night!

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On Tuesday, August 9th we hosted our August AFSA PNW Chapter Quarterly meeting. There were sprinkler heads being set off, history lessons being given, talk about apprenticeship, the next generation, and our future all washed down with some of the most scrumptious steak, salmon, burgers and pizza. There’s really something magical when the fire sprinkler industry gathers together. There are so many familiar faces and warm greetings, intelligent conversations as well as silly ones, it feels like being around family more then it feels like business.

Thank you everyone who came out to our Chapter Meeting this past Tuesday it wouldn’t of been the same without any one of you. Special thanks to Cary Webber with Reliable for his incredible Fire Sprinkler demonstration and generous sponsorship of our dinner, Jeff Livaudais for flying all the way up here from National to support our apprenticeship efforts, Mark Knurek with Lubrizol for his special pre-meeting session and the entire staff at the Flat Iron Grill for providing such incredible service.

We look forward to our future together!

To see even more photos of the event I created a shared google photo album,
find them here.

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